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Our Team

Our team is made up of a consortium of Marketing, Communication, HR, and Digital Transformation experts, who speak YOUR language and have a good story to tell over a mint-lemonade! What makes our consulting consortium so interesting, beyond having grey hair, and the magic wand? They are all passionate about transformation, and they all share similar values; yes values; NOT hobbies! Beyond professional, our team’s approach is always sincere, cost effective, driven by data, practical, fun, human, and with an edge!

Our Distinction


Why would you favour complex hierarchies, slow output and juniors working on your business when you can have instant care from experts? With Stories, you will be re-assured with attentive support from a group of A+ consultants who will genuinely care about your business and its results.

Grey Hair @ Great Prices

You can either work with ease of mind, or you can go on breaking an arm, while attempting to settle the payments for the work you get from inexperienced people; the choice is yours! With Stories, we are sure you won’t break an arm, and you will get personalized service from grey-haired experts in the field at a fraction of the cost. Find out for yourself!


Our team of diverse consultants is truly Glocal; we do not only speak multiple languages, but we also speak YOUR language! meaning, we will do whatever it takes to understand your clients and business and provide you with solutions in the language you speak!

Data – Driven

We use Center-brain Communication to marry big & small data, as well as left & right thinking. At Stories, we give your data a soul, and we humanize and personalize it in a way to help you transform and create client 1st experiences that create the “action, reaction and transaction” effect.


What’s the use of any idea, or story, if it was not practical and relevant? At Stories, we craft strategies that can be implemented, not ones that will end up being parked in the cloud! We do that by spending as much time as we can with you and your clients in order to gather every bit of big & small data and we put that to good use!


Behind every screen is a human being, and human beings share emotions not just facts.
At Stories, our work evolves around these people; how they experience your brand, and what they feel, do and remember…Through our Stories, we aim to achieve one thing: that WOW moment that sticks in their memory for a lifetime!

Our Values


Who would want to carry a bland life ripped of the very glitters that make a difference, leave a mark and echo for some time or maybe for a lifetime…
Impact is a value we breathe in and out. It is what makes us get out of bed in the morning and what drives us to make a difference with every project we touch.


What’s the worth of anything we endeavor to achieve if it’s not fueled by determination and commitment? You wouldn’t know until you try us. We simply go the extra mile and make things happen, and when we can’t commit, we tell you so, truthfully and wholeheartedly, or even simpler yet, you’ll know it, as it will show on our faces.


With Stories, a traditional brief and approach won’t make it! In order to make a transformation and an impact, we will challenge your status quo, dig deep into the “why” over and over, and rethink absolutely everything… We will leave no stone un-turned and won’t settle until we find that fragment that we can build on: stories worth sharing.


When you have integrity, nothing else matters & when you do not have integrity, nothing else matters! We truly believe that one either lives it fully or does not and in our case, we pride ourselves with it. We are not after making a buck, we are after making a difference with Integrity!