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Humanize my Data

Beyond sending birthday greetings to your clients, what will you do with all the data you have accumulated in your desk or shall we say desktop over the years? Big or small, client data weighs tons in companies today, yet, the reality is that these end up being covered with dust! Companies are not making great use of their priceless data, even worse yet; they are loosing the personal contact and personal touch with their clients!

At Stories, we help you find big data, analyze it and share it in a way that’s truly worth sharing! We also guide you to look for small data; your client’s fears, desires, and the clues that create micro-moments and purchase decisions! We use center-brain communication (a mix of left & right brain thinking) to marry big & small data to create meaningful client experiences that fuel success and increase revenue!

Yes, magic you may call it, because we do magic by humanizing your data, and giving it a soul!