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Transform my Culture

The culture of an organisation is shaped by the behaviours that are tolerated, celebrated and rewarded. If you get that right, the business will take care of itself… 

The reality is that the majority of companies have the wrong culture, resulting in disengaged employees and lack of innovation. This is quite dangerous at a time of exponential technological disruption, which actually requires employers to change their game, fast! 

At Stories, we help you transform your culture from the inside-out!  Our work revolves around your employees; how they experience your employer brand; and how they value the values you have hanging on your walls! The truth is, actual values, as opposed to nice-sounding values, are shown by who gets rewarded, promoted or let go… 

How do we do this? We start by taking a microscope and looking at your workplace, values, practices, teams, and internal communication, and then we use our magic wand to transform these, so that every employee shares your values, and becomes an inspired and engaged brand ambassador!  

Essentially, we act like a Corporate Supernanny! We do exactly what a supernanny does in a home. We come in, sit with you and your teams, observe your culture, prepare strategies and plans, build capacity, train, and then we leave, when you are ready! 

Yes, magic you may call it, because we do magic by transforming your culture from the inside out!