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Transform my Story

In this day and age, it is no longer about telling the world about what you do & make, but rather about creating Stories worth sharing. 

The reality is that the majority of companies continue to implement Marketing and Communication plans that tell the wrong story. They miss the point and spend their energy and budgets Marketing to clients, who are glued to their phones, because they are influenced by their peers, rather than by those plans! 

At Stories, we help you transform your Story and your Marcomms function (if needed). Our work revolves around your clients; how they experience your brand and what they feel about it, do and remember.  Our ultimate objective is to get your clients to tell each other about your story, so that you don’t have to do the work yourself! 

How do we do all this? We start by taking a microscope and looking at your plans, teams, structures, and processes, and then we use our magic wand to transform these in line with your clients’ needs, so that you can have a story worth sharing!   

Essentially, we act like a Corporate Supernanny! We do exactly what a supernanny does in a home. We come in, sit with you and your teams, prepare the right strategies and plans, give tips, train, and then we leave, when you are ready! 

Yes, magic you may call it, because we do magic by transforming your Story