Transform my Culture

My HR Team SUCKS! My Culture is BROKEN! I am trying to catch up to the new digital world and FAILING MISERABLY!

Do you have an HR Team that SUCKS? (plain & simple?!). Have you ever tried to change your external world or image and failed miserably? We bet you that 99.9% of you will answer YES! That’s the sad reality of companies trying to catch up with the dramatic changes happening externally due to the digital revolution, while doing NOTHING about transforming their Human Resources teams and structures FIRST, or even their rigid and outdated corporate culture!

At Stories, we help you transform from the inside-out! We start by taking a microscope and looking at your HR practices, structures and teams, and then we use our magic wand to re-structure and transform these. We then do the same to your whole corporate culture, so that
every employee becomes an inspired and engaged brand ambassador, and so that they serve your clients properly! This is the future of work; this is our work!

Yes, magic you may call it, because we do magic by transforming your culture from the inside out!

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